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What to Prepare

It’s very important to prepare your property so it is photo ready when I arrive.  Top priority is to declutter so its the room that it is the star of the show and it's not hidden by all the bits and bobs of everyday life.  Basically, your potential customers will need to be able to  see themselves living in your property.  Give them every help in visualising that.

The example below shows the difference you can make with a quick tidy up.  


  1. Declutter, especially putting away toiletries and cleaning products in kitchens and bathrooms

  2. Tidy and clean property thoroughly

  3. Make beds and ideally dress with pillows and throws.  Flatten those sheets!

  4. Polish taps and mirrors.  Mmm, shiny!

  5. Buy some fresh flowers.  Nothing too much, but a look of freshness and splash of colour can go a long way!

  6. Open curtains and blinds, removing net curtains

  7. Those family pictures - it's best to remove some, especially the bigger shots if possible to de-personalise.

  8. Pet beds, bowls, blankets!  I'm sorry, I'm a major pet lover, but you don't want any potential customers being put off.


  1. Mow the lawn and weed and tidy flower beds

  2. Remove bins and cars and other distractions from the driveway

  3. Clean windows

  4. Paint and touch up exterior where required

  5. In summer, put out garden furniture if appropriate

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