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Headshots & Portraits

So you're looking to get some new headshots for your LinkedIn business profile, you're an actor looking to stay up to date with your spotlight profile, or maybe you just want some new photos to give Granny on her birthday.  Whatever your reasons, I know you'll have a lot of fun at my studio or on location getting exactly what you need!


Business portraits, commercial headshots and corporate action shots are all fantastic ways to help your potential clients learn more about you, your business and your employees. Well shot business portraits will highlight your best qualities and demonstrate to your customers that you’ve got a friendly, professional team on board.


Get your act together!  A poor headshot could ruin your chances of success whereas a great headshot can inspire casting agents to connect with you increasing your chances of getting that role you’ve always wanted.  Casting agents expect you to look just like your headshot so it's about representing you on your best day without over doing it on the airbrushing post-production.


A good portrait should simply show who you are, what you represent, and/or what you want to convey.  With this is mind, it's always worth having a consultation beforehand to discuss ideas, locations, style, what to wear, etc.

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"A quick and easy experience - felt completely comfortable right from the start and got a great selection of lovely natural headshots. The turnaround on receiving photos was quick and Jamie was always happy to offer tips and advice to help me get the best photos."



A corporate headshot is much more than just a photograph - it's a marketing tool.  It's almost certain that before people contact you, your prospective clients are going to investigate what you look like, to see whom they'll be dealing with.

Professional business headshots for LinkedIn accompanied with a smart outfit can inspire people to make an approach - poor quality images will put people off!  Don’t underestimate the power of a great first impression!

I work from a private photo studio in Newbury, Berkshire.  I can also bring my portable set-up to your business address.

Before any shoot, I always like to have a phone consultation to tailor the shoot to your needs, so that we reflect both yourself and your business. 


Contact me now to discuss how I can help your business.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


As a lifetime theatre lover, performer, musician and (ex) actor, headshots have been part of my life since before my first job.  I used to be on the other side of the lens, but now that I’m the one taking the photos, I couldn’t be happier.


Headshots should help casting directors understand the person exactly as he or she is (ie. age group & ethnic background), while the actor hopes that the headshot will inspire the casting director to hire him or her.  They are intended to show a person as they currently appear and reflect their best qualities.  Therefore, if an actor's hair has been recently cut or coloured, they would often get a new headshot to reflect their new image.  Additionally, if an actor has a scar or facial blemish, it is expected to be visible on the head shot and not digitally removed from the image.  Pimples or spots are temporary and, therefore, can be digitally retouched.

Headshots tend to need to be in colour to send to agents and casting directors, but I do provide B&W in addition.


Portrait photography or portraiture is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.


I can shoot in my studio, or on location, using a light set up, or natural light, posed or lifestyle/candid.  It really does depend on you!  Your taste, your style and ultimately your personality. 


Contact me now to discuss what you are looking to achieve.

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