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Weddings & Events

My approach to weddings and events is the same for both, but for the purposes of this section I'll talk about weddings. 

I like to be a little different when I talk to prospective Brides, Grooms and family members considering regarding booking me as their photographer - consider three things:

1.  Do you like the photos?  Do you feel attracted to the overall style?  Are there any special photos they do that you can imagine you having on your special day?  Above all else, these will be your abiding memory.

2.  Do you actually like the photographer.  Can you see yourself being comfortable in a social situation with them.  This is the person that you'll be speaking to and spending A LOT of time with on YOUR wedding day.  Basically, they will  be, in a sense, a high profile guest.  I always encourage prospective couples to meet me and get to know me a little.

3.  Do you feel they can step up and take control when necessary, in particular for the family group shots, but also be able to take a step back, be more of an objective participant that you almost forget is there.  

Every wedding day is different.  I've been involved with well over a 1000 weddings over the last 20 years, and just when I think I've seen it all, something comes along that's new, fresh and personal to the couple getting married.  With this in mind, I, with you, can plan out a time guide for the day, so I can let you know where I will be, or a least plan to be at pretty much any given time within the day.  You don't want to be worrying about me! 

However, wedding days are flexible, organic occasions and, not in a bad way, those plans can change during the day.  Having the huge amount of experience I have thanks to so many weddings, I like to think I am very quick at anticipating those unique situations that just "happen", and capturing them, making your photos more personal to you.

I put in a huge amount of energy, planning, fun and enthusiasm into every wedding I shoot.  As a result, I much prefer to only shoot one wedding in a weekend, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

For more in depth wedding information including what you can expect to receive and how, as well as a price plan, click here.  Better still, give me a call, or drop me an email!

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