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Weddings & Events

"Jamie is awesome, he made everything easy in communication, and played three fantastic sets at our wedding."

Joel A - Wedding, Berlin - August 2018

I perform at hundreds of weddings (including civil partnerships and same sex marriages), parties and events every year so you can be sure you're getting someone with experience and an absolute love of performing in such circumstances.  I know hundreds of different songs ranging from the 1930's to present day, in varying styles, so as I read the audience I can immediately adapt my set to accommodate. 

For weddings I can provide the entire day's entertainment, from the ceremony, through the drinks reception, into the evening reception to the end of the night.  I've even occasionally been utilised as part of the speeches!

Examples of what I can provide are listed below, from which you can pick, choose or combine what you'd like for your event!

  • Free Roaming Acoustic Guitar Singing (or Ukulele!) - Ideal for those events where the guests are likely to be spread out around the venue, or a small gathering where there's no need for anything more.  As interactive or background as you wish it to be, I can be a great icebreaker and the fun element to help your guests relax and feel part of the event.  Examples include wedding drinks receptions, corporate events and parties, especially as guests are arriving, marriage proposals and even a Come Dine With Me event!

  • Piano Singing - Maybe your venue already has a piano, or you need me to bring my portable one, either way this works great for those smaller venues where volume is not essential, but ambience to match the circumstances.  Perfect for wedding ceremonies, or small, intimate gatherings.

  • Acoustic Guitar or Piano Singing with PA - Need a little extra volume then this great compact set up is ideal for those events where you want me to be in one place but able to reach all the guests throughout.  From restaurants and pub venues, to events with many guests, I can be background, or very much the driving force for a party.  I can also add in backing tracks to play along with, ideal for wedding evening receptions and parties., as well as playlist music in between sets to keep the evening moving.

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